Wednesday, February 05, 2003

The first full-length journal article is almost ready for submission. It's been good to think about the bugs again (not to mention trying to learn their names in Spanish at the same time! "Mi amiga es una avispa ....") Going to the lab to work on my writing has been therapeutic, both physically and mentally. (Note to other women undergoing outpatient laparoscopies: They'll tell you that general anesthesia may cause mental fogginess for a day or two. Plan on five. Also, while the experience hasn't been especially painful, neither has it been painless. I needed prescription pain meds for only two days, but Tylenol and naproxen have been my best friends for the subsequent four.) Now that my head's clearing up, I can get some work done. Pretty soon, I'll be avispada* again. :-) (At least until the date, probably some time next month, when I get knocked on my arse with general anesthetics again so that the repairs can be completed.)

For fun: Attempted to channel a Caribbean grandmother in the kitchen this evening, with at least minor success. The black bean soup wasn't bad. :-)

*Avispado/a: adj. Sharp, clever. From avispa (nf), wasp.


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