Friday, February 28, 2003

Just noticed the ads on this blog's banner (your mileage may vary on your next visit, of course.) As of 12:50 PM Friday, there was one ad for "competitive pricing on pop-under [advertising]", and one for a popup-killing utility ("Stop All Annoying Popup Ads!") Kind of reminded me of the "ads" in a 1970s National Lampoon spoof of a firearms magazine. One offered "Cow Armor" for dairy farmers who were tired of having their livestock accidentally shot by hunters; on the same page, another hawked "Cow Armor Piercing Bullets" to hunters who were tired of driving home with nothing strapped to the hoods of their vehicles.

Hmmm. If any guns-and-ammo ads turn up on my banner after this post, just ignore them, m'kay? (On the other hand, if anyone is advertising centipede chow -- well, feel free to take a Scolopendra to lunch.)


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