Friday, March 14, 2003

I've always had a nearly knee-jerk fondness for the non-traditional, and it's even more powerful when there's an actual, practical reason for breaking tradition. So, yesterday, I was especially pleased when an exceptionally cool wedding invitation arrived from one of Rick's friends.

First of all, it wasn't full of gazillions of layers of tissue paper and metallic ink and other overpriced and wasteful nonsense. The families of the bride and groom asked that all RSVPs be done by phone or e-mail in order to reduce paper waste. Second, the invitation was printed on recycled paper impregnated with wildflower seeds, and contained a suggestion to plant it in the garden or in a flowerpot (I'd personally recommend the latter to anyone not sharing a biome with the bride and groom, of course).

I haven't actually met this couple yet, but I hope we'll be able to attend the wedding. I know already that I'm going to like them!


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