Thursday, March 13, 2003

Sent a new version of the second manuscript off to Dave today. I can't wait to get it submitted. Maybe insect incest doesn't float everyone's boat, but our results will definitely make at least some hymenopterists twitch their antennae and do a waggle dance. At least we like to think so.

Rick finished my graduation video and sent copies off to relatives on both sides of the family. Visitors to the Bug House (the real one, not the online one) are warned that they may be shown the video at any time, and that it includes graphic scenes of bug-handling, as well as all of the secrets of the dreaded Ph.D. hooding ceremony. (No, the hooding ceremony did not involve bug-handling ... oh, never mind.)

Got medical clearance to start driving again as soon as I feel like I can stomp on the brake, which will probably be by this weekend. Also was reassured that, since the thermostat didn't go completely freakin' haywire during Week 1, it's not likely to do so before June. Warm flashes, I can live with, at least if it's only for eleven and a half more weeks. Bring 'em on. In retrospect, though, I shouldn't have complained about insomnia just before wheedling Rick into taking me out for espresso. Zarquon will get me for this, I'm sure, at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.


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