Monday, April 28, 2003

Spent the weekend in Indianapolis, and did some uncharacteristically girly things. Saturday morning, there was a ladies' luncheon and fashion show at my in-laws' church. This proved to be more fun than one would ever imagine; the outfits were supplied by a local women's clothier and the models were supplied by the church ladies' clubs. Average age of the models, by my estimate: around 68. For the most part, the clothes were of the sort worn by retirees on vacation cruises. Note that this is not meant to be a disparaging remark. There's a certain look, involving lots of pastels adorned with in-your-face prints and matched to the teeth, that really does flatter sixtysomething ladies on holiday. After the show, I was coerced into trying on one of these ensembles; it was a long skirt and matching short jacket, in pale yellow denim with a print I can only describe as Covered With Bugs. I mean, it included at least three insect orders (nine collection points in Dave's entomology class!) in bright lifelike colors. I'll have to admit to being tempted, but good sense prevailed. The problem was: There was absolutely nowhere that I could ever imagine wearing it. Skirts and dresses are not part of my everyday wardrobe, and on the occasions when I do put one on, it's usually because my activities require business wear (which this outfit certainly wasn't), or else semiformal party wear (which this outfit most definitely wasn't). I suppose I could have kept the outfit in my closet for the next 20 years and then worn it on a cruise, but since going on a cruise is one of those activities that I can't imagine ever being hot to do at any age, I decided to pass.

Also spent much of Sunday afternoon watching a pretty little leafcutter bee provision a cavity nest -- inside a plastic tube that serves as a perch on one of my mother-in-law's bird feeders. My admiration for cavity-nesting Hymenoptera grows daily. Nothing distracted this one -- she even dodged Rick and scooted into the nest while he held and turned the bird feeder in his hands to get a closer look. May her family live long and prosper.


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