Thursday, May 22, 2003

Found out today that I have to make significant revisions to one of my manuscripts if it's to be accepted by its target journal (the bad news). However, the good news is that at least half of the information requested by reviewers is already extant in my dissertation. We'd left a lot of it out for brevity; now I have to paste it back in. The rest of the revisions will be a bit more work, but I think I can get it done well before leaving for the New England trip during the first week in June. At the same time, I'm thinking about possibly assembling a poster for a conference (or two), continuing to review literature for my upcoming funding proposal deadlines, and considering my part of another possible proposal that might be a very interesting backup project. I may be technically unemployed, but I'm beginning to feel like a working scientist.

Met with one of my favorite professors from Michigan State today; I hadn't seen her in eight years and had forgotten how much fun she is to chat with. She'd be one of the possible PIs on the possible proposal that I'd be a possible part of.

With bugs, all things are possible. :-)


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