Wednesday, November 05, 2003

I can't say enough good things about this past week, in which (a.) Dave and I shipped an accepted manuscript containing final revisions to the publisher, (b.) we also got word that the proofs of the first manuscript should arrive soon, (c.) both candidates that Rick worked for -- one incumbent and one first-timer -- got elected to the Kalamazoo City Commission, (d.) I have a lead on a short-term entomological research project for the winter, and (e.) Adult Swim has finally begun to air the fifth season of Futurama.

In other news: Rick was taking a walk yesterday when something in his boots initiated an annoying itch on top of his foot. After trying to ignore it for a while, he pulled off his boots and discovered that a full-grown woolly bear caterpillar had tried to take shelter in his boot. Aside from being partially depilated by friction, the caterpillar seemed little the worse for wear. Aside from a mild, localized case of erucism , Rick is unscathed as well.


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