Wednesday, December 17, 2003

The Bug House welcomes Rebecca Golden, who has finally inspired me to update my links. For those who don't know Rebecca, she's a writer for a Toledo-area independent newspaper, a founding member of T.R.A.S.H., the owner of an amazing library of hilarious films, the baker of the world's best apple pies, and a fun person with whom to take an 11-hour road trip.

For hymenopteran-genetics enthusiasts: If you follow this link and search on "Stahlhut", you'll find another link to my first full-length journal article (Stahlhut, J.K. and Cowan, D.P., Heredity in press). The link to the Stahlhut&Cowan paper is temporary and will be moved to the appropriate table of contents once the paper is in print, which will be some time in early 2004. If you follow the link from an institution with an online subscription to Heredity, you can read or download the whole article. Otherwise, you can read the abstract. If you're not a hymenopteran-genetics enthusiast, you probably won't care to read either. Instead, go to Rebecca's blog and subscribe to her columns. They're great, and, to reassure the squeamish: To date, and to the best of my knowledge, they've been wasp-sex-free.


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