Saturday, February 28, 2004

Just for fun, here's an alphabetical bestiary of bugs. For the benefit of the squeamish, I've avoided images of what many people consider to be scary creepy-crawlers (no arachnids, centipedes, cockroaches, etc.). Everything in here is a bona fide hexapod; one (the japygid dipluran) is sometimes considered a "pseudo-insect" rather than the real deal, but we won't be picky here. Most are identified at the family level, but I've had to go to subfamilies or genera for a few, in cases where the alphabetic and/or visual pickings were slim.

Disclaimer: I'm not an expert insect taxonomist, and will happily take suggestions from those who are better-informed than I.


A is for Arctiidae
B is for Bibionidae
C is for Coccinellidae
D is for Drosophilidae
E is for Evaniidae
F is for Formicidae
G is for Gryllidae
H is for Heteronemiidae
I is for Issidae
J is for Japygidae
K is for Kalotermitidae
L is for Libellulidae
M is for Mantidae
N is for Nymphalidae
O is for Oedipodinae
P is for Pentatomidae
Q is for Quadraspidiotus
R is for Reduviidae
S is for Scarabaeidae
T is for Tettigoniidae
U is for Uraniidae
V is for Vespidae
W is for Wasmannia
X is for Xylomyidae
Y is for Yponomeutidae
Z is for Zorotypidae


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