Sunday, February 29, 2004

The world map has been repaired. You can even see French Polynesia if you look close enough, although the Caribbean islands (Aruba, the other Netherlands Antilles, and Antigua) don't seem to show up at all.

Add to the list of earth-shaking events at home: Because Rick has become a serious computer-graphics aficionado and his favorite program doesn't run on the Mac, there is now a Windows machine in our house. This is something I never thought Rick would do; given his long-time disdain for Wintel machines, it's caused tremendous cognitive dissonance, as if Michael Moore had announced support for Dubya's re-election, or Ronald McDonald suddenly endorsed the Ornish diet. I thought briefly about walking around the house wearing a garlic necklace while menacingly brandishing a stake, but it seemed a waste of good garlic.

Anyway, the new computer has not (yet) caused anyone in its vicinity to spew pea soup from a spinning head, and I relented and told Rick he really didn't have to name the computer SATAN1. We're not planning to equip it with duplicates of any expensive software (like Office) that already run fine on our Macs, and its 160 GB hard drive should make it an excellent server/backup system on our home network. Rick is now able to do the homework for his community-college graphics class without driving 10 miles each way, and I should be able to load up all the Windows-based population-genetics freeware I want. (Population-genetics software is almost all freeware, which means that it's usually limited to whichever platform the developer has time to support. Currently available utilities are about evenly divided between Mac-only and Windows-only, with Linux catching up fast. Typically, the one you need most at any given time is the one that runs on the computer you don't have.)

Oh, and I've produced an outline for the review article. At least I've produced an outline for a 100-page review article. The trick will be to cut it down to make it appropriate to the 10-to-15-page article we have in mind.


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