Saturday, June 26, 2004

Fort Collins, CO

Staying in a dorm on the beautiful campus of Colorado State University, until next Wednesday. No responsibilities tonight, so Rick and I hooked up with a friend of his who now lives in Boulder, and we drove to Denver for excellent vegan food and an opening-night viewing of Fahrenheit 9/11. Great to see so many other folks whose dominant paradigm has long since been subverted. Also, Rick now has a buddy to do stuff with while I'm at the conference. This promises to be an interesting week.

Bugwise: Lots of pogos at a rest stop in southeastern Wyoming. Was more careful than usual around them, since even though I think that large stinging red ants are pretty cool, we didn't want them in the car. The leps around here seem pretty twitchy, though; haven't even gotten so much as a butterfly to flutter by in a leisurely manner. With all these 75 mph speed limits, I don't blame them, though.


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