Saturday, August 14, 2004

15 August 2004

(No, I don't care what the date stamp says. One must be flexible about this sort of thing ...)

The local library blocks e-mail without advance reservations, but permits spontaneous frivolity like blogging. It's 66 degrees F (19 C) with moderate winds, by far the coolest day since Friday. Low-flying butterflies swoop down and check out pedestrians at the riverfront park, while signs in the nearby food court warn PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE IBIS. The birds ignore the signs, and do a great job at cleaning up spilled chips. Kids are splashing around in a shallow manmade pool, while bicyclists, taking a note from the ubiquitous ibis, ignore the CYCLISTS MUST DISMOUNT signs and buzz happily along the paths. Welcome to winter in Brisbane.

Yes, we did go to Australia Zoo yesterday. Steve was nowhere in evidence, although Kelsey and Brino did oblige by putting Charlie through his paces in the Croc-O-Seum. (Agro is remarkably placid when he's not on camera, by the way.) It was fun, although I got most excited by a gigantic turquoise, black, and white leafhopper that I found crawling up a tree. No photos, unfortunately. It refused to pose.

More later ....


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