Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Regular readers may notice that I've added several links under the new expanded Election 2004 section. I've added them after some reflection, and some important clarifications are enumerated below.

1. Yes, I'm definitely for John Kerry. My opinion is that the most important thing that progressives, moderates, libertarians, and anyone in favor of the return of intellect and logic to the White House can do this year is to elect Kerry and re-defeat Bush.

2. Yes, I am both a philosophical Green and a registered Democrat.

3. I support the mission of Greens for Kerry, but I will not engage in bashing of either the Cobb/LaMarche or Nader/Camejo tickets. In fact, I will not insult or trivialize any minority-party or independent candidates because of their affiliations alone (although such aspirants' political views, like those of mainstream candidates, are fair game).

4. I neither advocate nor oppose vote pairing. I have provided the link for the benefit of readers who may find it useful. I will come out of the vote-pairing closet as someone who did it in 2000; I was a swing-state voter who supported Nader but so feared Bush that I made an online agreement with a Nader supporter in a state whose outcome was not in doubt. He voted for Nader; I voted for Gore. Obviously, I don't think that vote-pairing is an optimal solution to our current problems; for one thing, it requires trust in a stranger, and this trust can be gamed. I think our problems with voter discontent would be much better solved via a many-party system with public financing, preferential balloting, and the complete revision (or end) of the winner-take-all Electoral College system. But, those things aren't going to happen in the immediate future, and difficult times sometimes generate creative stopgap solutions.

5. And, yes, I am watching the Red Sox/Yankees game. Who knows? Maybe this'll be a good year for folks from Massachusetts.


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