Monday, January 17, 2005

Some things learned this weekend:

  • When the TD extends the half length in a timed quizbowl tournament, the minutes may increase linearly, but the strain on moderators' voices increases exponentially.
  • Given the above, Mitchell really does have laryngeal superpowers.
  • When going out for Ethiopian food in Ann Arbor, be sure to take along Greg, Mark, Sarah, and Gail.
  • Gail, Joe, and Stephanie are a killer combination on a trash team, and very much compatible with the addition of a prehistoric buzzing 'Pede. (We really should do this again!)
  • When multiple subgroups are trying to meld into a dinner run with the Michigan team, it's a good idea for everyone involved to keep their cellphones on.

Since single-bullet topics can't account adequately for the trajectory of the weekend: I can't contain my delight at Rochester's win in the Michigan MLK. Because of the complexity of my other Saturday-night plans, I couldn't stay to watch the actual win (moderated by Mitchell, who assures me that it was impressive). I did get to see the semifinal Rochester-Chicago B match, complete with game-ending strategic neg.

This is going to be a fun year. I'm going to enjoy watching this team, and maybe even occasionally joining a brain workout with them (I'm sure they'll be able to kick my synapses from here to Buffalo, though). It's a huge program, they play a variety of formats, and the players seem to have a great time. It's like walking into Chicago circa 1994, or Michigan a few years later. I do have to limit my quizbowl time, in order to keep the fun-to-stress-ratio favorable, but this is going to be an unexpected side benefit.


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