Monday, February 07, 2005

I've put Rick on a train back to Kalamazoo, where he'll resume the process of packing up our stuff and, with luck, selling our house. He looked at his itinerary, a 20-hour marathon which involves riding all the way to Chicago and waiting there five hours for a connection, and said, "It's kind of like going to Australia."

I've also navigated back from the train station through the streets of Rochester at night, without managing to get mis-routed onto the Inner Loop (which would have worked too, had I remembered how and where to get off it). Some of my friends already know that I have a strange visual quirk that causes mild to moderate dizziness when I'm confronted with some kinds of large, looming shapes. (When I was a preschooler, and already prematurely literate, my mother had to glue together two facing pages of one of my coloring books because they contained large images of numbers and letters that made me cry every time I opened the book to that spot.) This makes it difficult for me to read large maps, as well as to handle city skylines, especially at night. So, there was some colorful and alliterative swearing along the way, but I didn't get lost, and got home by my bedtime.

Tomorrow there will be more Wolbachia, and maybe even some kitchen curtains.


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