Monday, February 14, 2005

The song meme game is still open, since it has just garnered an entry from my old MIT classmate Kathy (see comment of 13 February). Never fear: Most of the songs remaining are much more recent, so we seventies kids won't have to school ya. Give 'em a try. Don't make us come back there.

Rick surprised me at work with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, which were the envy of the whole Rochester Drosophila-verse, including a few actual Drosophila that flew around the bouquet and perched on the leaves. Most of the flies probably escaped from the cultures I was trying to set up today; I'm still learning which species are tractable and which are composed of twitchy little escape artists.

MIT and flowers ... MIT and flowers ... Reminds me of the Valentine's Day back at Baker House when a big bouquet appeared in our lounge, bearing a tag that read:


Not only did the Fifth West guys neglect (!) to sign it, but they complained later that we didn't thank them for it. (Yeah, we Fourth West women were all expert telepaths who just swooned over sophomoric double entendres.) The flowers were, as I recall, really nice ones, though.

Besides, I can't really complain about my old dorm-mates. How many of us can truthfully say that we've lived in a place where the residents routinely threw pianos off the roof? We all pulled (and occasionally pushed) together to keep life, if not easy, at least interesting. Here's a big Valentine's Day 'Pede hug for all you Baker alumni. (Don't panic. First of all, it's virtual. Second, I said "hug", not "bug".)


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