Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Nothing heavy today. That may come later.

Minor amusing anecdote: Longtime movie crank that I claim to be, I still asked for, and got, a Netflix subscription for my recent birthday. First movie I picked was this one. I'm glad to report that Rick and I now have a movie in common. In fact, we had exactly the same impression of this one -- specifically, that we were so bored that we lasted 20 minutes before flipping through the rest of the DVD trying to find something interesting. When we failed in that task, we just put the DVD back in the mailing envelope, parked it in the mailbox, and put on an old Futurama tape instead. I think I'm actually going to like Netflix.


At 6:32 AM, Anonymous Kristin said...

Which email address do you use for Netflix? I'd like to add you to my Friends list there :-)

At 12:56 AM, Blogger dersprokkett said...

I hated Life Aquatic, too. I thought I was the only one. I also hate The English Patient (me and Elaine from Seinfeld should form a club). There were a couple of funny moments (I like the part where Bill Murray explains his scientific mission of blowing the shark to smithereens and the part where Jeff Goldblum says he's a bad husband because he's "part gay"), but really, it was slow and dull and I felt zero connection to any of the characters. I liked the idea a lot more than I liked the movie itself.

I liked Rushmore. I liked Royal Tennenbaums (less than Rushmore). With each movie, I like Wes Anderson less and less.

I still love Bill Murray. I like funny Bill Murray (Groundhog Day) and sad Bill Murray (Lost in Translation) and quirky Bill Murray (Tootsie). I think I may really hate Owen Wilson. What happened to his face, exactly? He looks like his nose got caught in a cheese grater or something.

At 2:51 PM, Blogger Julie said...

I liked Bill Murray in Broken Flowers. And I don't mind under-acting - in that movie, he was supposed to play a depressed guy who had been stewing in his own apathy for too long. In fact, the plot didn't offer any quick fixes to his apathy, which I thought was realistic. However, one didn't get the impression that the filmmaker was apathetic, which is something very different.

I tried to write this review, which Netflix's interface promptly ate: "Mailed-in scriptwriting, mailed-in acting, and after 20 minutes of trying to watch this film, we packed up the DVD and mailed it in."

(Kristin, just use my MIT e-mail to add me to the friends list if you like!)


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