Sunday, March 26, 2006

The meme spreads further (see the 19 March 2006 entry here).

Arizona: Joined an entourage that was following a tarantula hawk like paparazzi all over Britney Spears.
Arkansas: Landed in the Fayetteville airport on the eve of my 24th birthday, while Texas was beating the Razorbacks at football.
California: Drove 80 mph for the first time, and not so coincidentally ran over my first small mammal.
Colorado: Ate terrific vegan food before catching the Denver premiere of Fahrenheit 911.
Connecticut: Drank tequila sunrises at age 17 in a (probably) mobbed-up pizzeria.
Delaware: Would have driven straight through it except for the fast-food stop.
Florida: An alligator climbed an embankment just to say hi to Gail and me.
Georgia: Toured a greenhouse in 100ºF heat just to see a butterfly exhibit.
Hawaii: Tried siamin in a Lihue airport restaurant just because Jim Bouton raved about the stuff so much in Ball Four.
Illinois: Put ladybug stickers on my face and ate larva-studded lollipops at the Insect Fear Film Festival.
Indiana: Finally convinced my in-laws that garlic goes well with tomatoes.
Iowa: Saw a big male luna moth on a highway rest stop window screen.
Kansas: Took a detour on the highway just to say we’d been there.
Kentucky: Waited two hours in a KFC near Cave City after locking the keys in the car.
Louisiana: Talked a fellow quizbowler out of eating fast food in New Orleans’ Garden District.
Maine: Had dinner in Millinocket’s best restaurant, while wearing grubby camping clothes and surrounded by gowned and tuxedoed prom-goers.
Maryland: Played on the first WMU team to ever beat Georgia Tech in ACF Nationals.
Massachusetts: Poured cold water from a dorm roof onto the head of a Cincinnati fan on the night Carlton Fisk hit his 1975 Game 6 homer.
Michigan: Shared a hospital room with a victim of Munchausen’s Syndrome.
Minnesota: Engaged in a “Re-name Hooters” contest with the Michigan QB club at the Mall of America.
Missouri: Was contemptuously spat upon by a Camponotus worker after I annoyed her in Mark Twain State Park.
Nebraska: See “Kansas”, except this time we got caught in a traffic jam.
New Hampshire: Spent four consecutive rainy June Sundays shopping in malls there, in the days when Massachusetts still had blue laws.
New Jersey: Unwarily stood underneath an incontinent pet canary in my aunt’s Union City apartment.
New Mexico: Rolled down the dunes at White Sands, and then slept in a motel in Alamogordo.
New York: Enjoyed two of my favorite tourist attractions: the Ellis Island museum and Wegmans supermarket.
North Carolina: Waited in a truck-rental office with Dwight, while the entire office staff smoked about a dozen cigarettes apiece indoors.
Ohio: Went to Caesar’s with Rebecca a few weeks before a bus crashed into the place.
Oklahoma: Didn’t get out of the car much while driving through a small part of it.
Pennsylvania: Spent an hour trying to find a restaurant in Pittsburgh that stayed open past 9 PM on a weekend.
Rhode Island: Went swimming with my aunt and uncle at Misquamicut Beach.
South Carolina: Bought the sweetest, juiciest, fuzziest, best peaches ever from a roadside stand.
South Dakota: Admired the Pogonomyrmex at the campsites at Badlands National Park.
Tennessee: Finally scored a toilet seat last December, after approximately a dozen attempts.
Texas: Attended an entomological conference at the country’s least convenient convention hotel.
Utah: Was pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to get a decent margarita in Moab.
Vermont: Spent a long summer weekend filming silly home movies with a bunch of college friends.
Virginia: Visited one of Rick’s old friends, who makes the world’s best chocolate sauce.
Washington: Experienced my first cat-allergy symptoms at a friend’s place in Tacoma.
Washington, DC: Helped calm down a friend’s three-year-old son after a museum guard screamed at him for touching an original Mark Rothko.
West Virginia: Enjoyed a leisurely spring drive while winding down from my most stressful ever quiz-tournament volunteer stint.
Wisconsin: Jumped off rocks into Devil’s Lake alongside a bunch of strangers 30 years younger than myself.
Wyoming: Found out that Cheyenne, just like my Connecticut hometown, has a street named “Missile Drive”.


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