Saturday, January 19, 2008

I was saddened to find out yesterday that the extended quizbowl community has lost Albert Whited, one of its best and most original voices. I didn't really know Al from playing the game itself, but we participated in some of the same forums, discovered our common distress over the same political issues, and occasionally exchanged e-mail messages. Only a few months ago, we friended each other on Facebook. Albert died at his home recently, after an accidental fall that may have been the result of a heart attack. He was just 41, a big guy with a big heart and an incisive mind. I wish I'd had a chance to know him better.

On a happier note: I'm at the Ravenclaw Common Room in Ann Arbor (okay, Kevin's place) with a bunch of good friends, surfing, watching trash TV, and looking forward to tomorrow's even trashier tournament. Rick and I were in Kalamazoo last weekend, renewing old friendships, so I'm getting a good fix of Michigan this month. It really does still feel like home; I suppose we'll just have to watch this space.


At 4:21 PM, Anonymous Scott Gillispie said...

Hi, Julie - I've been googling Albert trying to get more info (particularly on any memorial arrangements), and came up with your blog.

Al Pryzgocki called me with the news on Saturday, and I'm still utterly taken aback by it - seems completely unreal. I've known Albert since 1986, and I roomed with him 91-94 (I think I was his last roommate). Al & I are driving up to Tennessee for his memorial service this Saturday (the 26th); if you or anyone else wants any additional info I can provide, we will likely be ruminating in the lobby of the Drury Inn Nashville Airport that evening, or I can be reached at

- Scott Gillispie


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