Friday, April 11, 2003

Good things happening, upcoming, or in progress:

* My doctor has cleared me to resume exercise at the six-week point, which is this coming Tuesday. I already have the first step planned out -- short ride on the exercise bike with no resistance. Can the real bike be far behind?

* Dave and I finished the initial version of the second Stahlhut and Cowan paper, and electronically submitted it to a major journal yesterday. We're now trying to figure out where to send the third; he's first author on that one, but I've offered to crank up my editing commitment to it.

* Rick wants me to do some incidental music for a video project of his. I'm still absolutely terrified of doing collaborative musical projects, but I've said yes. Watch this space.

* There was a cabbage butterfly in my yard yesterday. I don't know what its chances are of finding a mate at this time of year, and the mustard-family weeds are just beginning to pop up, but I wish it luck. (Pieris rapae seeks same for long flutters across the lawn, maybe more???? If you love nectar, meandering flights, Brassica just like mom used to oviposit on, call me. Object: Caterpillars.)

* The UU women's retreat starts this evening. I wasn't sure whether I was going to bother with it this year, but given everything that's gone on in my life recently, a weekend with a bunch of thirty-to-eighty-year-old radical Riot Grrrrls is probably exactly what's needed.