Friday, January 13, 2006

During the past couple of weeks, I've made some career-planning decisions that don't change anything that's currently going on, but have removed immense amounts of stress from my life.

Might also be starting a science blog soon, but I'm usually better at planning these little side projects than actually doing them. Then again, I've just had the first manuscript from my postdoc research accepted -- and it came not from my main project, but from a side project that I started last March. (Can't claim it's entirely mine, of course; without the enthusiasm and expertise of some amazing collaborators/co-authors on both sides of the Atlantic, it would never have become possible.) It will require some revision first, but the task is not at all onerous.

In the morning, I'll be off to play this weekend's Ann B. Davis in Ann Arbor, also in a low-stress situation.

Some things just work out in spite of themselves.