Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Cranky 'Flixer Speaks Up:

I just finished posting a review of this film on Netflix. Since it won't be posted for a while, here's my review, verbatim:

After eagerly anticipating this film, I gave up on it after 30 minutes -- and not because of the plot or the acting. My problem with it: The thrown-food theme would have been an amusing aside to the plot had it not become one big advertisement for various fast-food joints and convenience stores -- accompanied by a detailed description of each product, and where to buy it, spoken at great length by the character who was scraping the stuff off his clothes and the inside of his car! Media-studies classes might find this film useful as a bagged specimen of product placement disguised as dialogue.

Eeeewwww. I was really prepared to like this film. But within that first half hour, I was ready to track down Nicolas Cage, wherever he might be, and personally hit him in the mug with a Fr*sty (as he lovingly pointed out in detail, in character and within the dialogue itself, a shake from W**dy's). Of course, the screenwriter would get the real brunt of my displeasure -- tw* *ll-b**f p*att**s, sp*ci*l s**ce, l*tt*ce, ch**se, p*ckles, o*i*ns, on a s*same-s**d b*n -- POW, right in the kisser.

And then I'd go out and get the bad taste out of my mind's mouth by watching Fast Food Nation again.