Thursday, March 30, 2006

Well, duhhhh.

You Are an Espresso

At your best, you are: straight shooting, ambitious, and energetic

At your worst, you are: anxious and high strung

You drink coffee when: anytime you're not sleeping

Your caffeine addiction level: high

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

There's been a request in the comments line for my rum punch recipe. As soon as I'd posted the reference to it, I looked for the recipe on my hard drive and realized I'd managed to mislay it somewhere. However, I'll try to reconstruct it from memory. This should be at least close.

Mi Dushi ("My Sweet") Punch:

For each serving, mix:

3 to 4 oz. orange juice
3 to 4 oz. pineapple juice
1 generous jigger of white or gold rum
Half a jigger of orange curaçao liqueur
Half a jigger of peach brandy
Juice of a lime wedge
A few drops of grenadine (if you want it pink)

Shake or stir it up well and serve over ice. It's easy to make this by the pitcher if you're either sociable or very thirsty.

I haven't tried it with other ingredients, but if you don't have orange curaçao on hand, you can probably substitute a different orange liqueur. Ditto for other similar fruit-flavored liqueurs in place of the peach brandy. If you try any variations, let me know how it works out.

And, of course, drink responsibly -- not while climbing around in the rigging of a sailboat, like I did. :-)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Obligatory postscript to the last post, international travel division:

Ontario: Burned myself with Tim Horton's coffee within convenient distance of a pharmacy that carried OTC codeine.

Sonora: Managed to explain to a waiter, in Spanish, that my husband is allergic to dairy.

Queensland: Found Nemo while diving on the Great Barrier Reef.

Northern Territory: Scared away two other tourists by chattering in French about the honeypot ant queen that was crawling at my feet.

South Australia: Got sworn at for parking on the side of the road while echidna-watching on Kangaroo Island.

Victoria: Saw flocks of galahs and crimson rosellas flying across a road.

England: Got a tour of Oxford from an alumnus who pointed out all the places where he'd gotten drunk.

Scotland: Tasted haggis, and decided that I prefer liver and oatmeal when served on separate plates.

New Zealand-North Island: Irked some cave weta in a national park.

New Zealand-South Island: Read all about the Rainbow Warrior at the Dunedin public library.

Tahiti: Swam at the most littered beach I've ever seen in my life.

Aruba: Acquired a recipe for the planet's best rum punch.

Bonaire: Brought traffic to a halt in the capital while incompetently parallel-parking a Suzuki Samurai.

Antigua: Earned a sailboarding certificate despite my utter inability to stay on the damned thing.

Panama: (Coming May/June 2006 -- watch this space!)

Sunday, March 26, 2006

The meme spreads further (see the 19 March 2006 entry here).

Arizona: Joined an entourage that was following a tarantula hawk like paparazzi all over Britney Spears.
Arkansas: Landed in the Fayetteville airport on the eve of my 24th birthday, while Texas was beating the Razorbacks at football.
California: Drove 80 mph for the first time, and not so coincidentally ran over my first small mammal.
Colorado: Ate terrific vegan food before catching the Denver premiere of Fahrenheit 911.
Connecticut: Drank tequila sunrises at age 17 in a (probably) mobbed-up pizzeria.
Delaware: Would have driven straight through it except for the fast-food stop.
Florida: An alligator climbed an embankment just to say hi to Gail and me.
Georgia: Toured a greenhouse in 100ºF heat just to see a butterfly exhibit.
Hawaii: Tried siamin in a Lihue airport restaurant just because Jim Bouton raved about the stuff so much in Ball Four.
Illinois: Put ladybug stickers on my face and ate larva-studded lollipops at the Insect Fear Film Festival.
Indiana: Finally convinced my in-laws that garlic goes well with tomatoes.
Iowa: Saw a big male luna moth on a highway rest stop window screen.
Kansas: Took a detour on the highway just to say we’d been there.
Kentucky: Waited two hours in a KFC near Cave City after locking the keys in the car.
Louisiana: Talked a fellow quizbowler out of eating fast food in New Orleans’ Garden District.
Maine: Had dinner in Millinocket’s best restaurant, while wearing grubby camping clothes and surrounded by gowned and tuxedoed prom-goers.
Maryland: Played on the first WMU team to ever beat Georgia Tech in ACF Nationals.
Massachusetts: Poured cold water from a dorm roof onto the head of a Cincinnati fan on the night Carlton Fisk hit his 1975 Game 6 homer.
Michigan: Shared a hospital room with a victim of Munchausen’s Syndrome.
Minnesota: Engaged in a “Re-name Hooters” contest with the Michigan QB club at the Mall of America.
Missouri: Was contemptuously spat upon by a Camponotus worker after I annoyed her in Mark Twain State Park.
Nebraska: See “Kansas”, except this time we got caught in a traffic jam.
New Hampshire: Spent four consecutive rainy June Sundays shopping in malls there, in the days when Massachusetts still had blue laws.
New Jersey: Unwarily stood underneath an incontinent pet canary in my aunt’s Union City apartment.
New Mexico: Rolled down the dunes at White Sands, and then slept in a motel in Alamogordo.
New York: Enjoyed two of my favorite tourist attractions: the Ellis Island museum and Wegmans supermarket.
North Carolina: Waited in a truck-rental office with Dwight, while the entire office staff smoked about a dozen cigarettes apiece indoors.
Ohio: Went to Caesar’s with Rebecca a few weeks before a bus crashed into the place.
Oklahoma: Didn’t get out of the car much while driving through a small part of it.
Pennsylvania: Spent an hour trying to find a restaurant in Pittsburgh that stayed open past 9 PM on a weekend.
Rhode Island: Went swimming with my aunt and uncle at Misquamicut Beach.
South Carolina: Bought the sweetest, juiciest, fuzziest, best peaches ever from a roadside stand.
South Dakota: Admired the Pogonomyrmex at the campsites at Badlands National Park.
Tennessee: Finally scored a toilet seat last December, after approximately a dozen attempts.
Texas: Attended an entomological conference at the country’s least convenient convention hotel.
Utah: Was pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to get a decent margarita in Moab.
Vermont: Spent a long summer weekend filming silly home movies with a bunch of college friends.
Virginia: Visited one of Rick’s old friends, who makes the world’s best chocolate sauce.
Washington: Experienced my first cat-allergy symptoms at a friend’s place in Tacoma.
Washington, DC: Helped calm down a friend’s three-year-old son after a museum guard screamed at him for touching an original Mark Rothko.
West Virginia: Enjoyed a leisurely spring drive while winding down from my most stressful ever quiz-tournament volunteer stint.
Wisconsin: Jumped off rocks into Devil’s Lake alongside a bunch of strangers 30 years younger than myself.
Wyoming: Found out that Cheyenne, just like my Connecticut hometown, has a street named “Missile Drive”.