Friday, September 30, 2005

Kalamazoo, MI

... actually, Texas Township, where I'm staying with some friends, after three days with another friend in Oshtemo. This has been my first trip back to my adopted hometown since late January, when I moved to Rochester. I've reconnected with large segments of every local demographic that could call me its own. Biologists, Unitarians, activist/progressives, you name it.

Also plowed some money back into the local economy; as an example, the proprietrix of my favorite imports store on West Michigan Avenue cut me a deal on some very nice, flowing, blousey New-Agey clothing. Now, my friends know that I'm not into New Age spirituality, and my fashion sense normally tends towards Contemporary Remote Field Station. But I've always liked the artsy-craftsy look that singles out the crystal crowd, and the best thing about that style is that you can be crowding fifty from either side, and a bit thick of thigh and more than one SD off the population mean regarding height, but you can put on this kind of clothing and look like both an adult and a female at the same time. Besides, it's both washable and comfortable. What else would a biologist wear while in a festive mood?

And, paradoxically, being reminded of how much I miss Kalamazoo will make me work harder at finding community in Rochester. I'll be back there on Sunday night, ready to go back to the lab the next day and tackle the bugs again. And Rick will approve of the new wardrobe. I figure I can't miss.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Ann Arbor, MI

Many thanks to Dave and Emily for not only inviting me to their wedding, but for getting married during wasp mating season so that I could easily justify a trip back to Michigan.

Many thanks to Kevin for making the Ravenclaw Common Room available, as usual.

Off to Kalamazoo, for the first time since I left there in late January. I have no idea what this is going to feel like.