Sunday, May 16, 2004

Had a few surreal moments while waiting in a department-store checkout line yesterday. A fiftyish lady standing behind me in the line was carrying on an extremely loud conversation on her cell phone. And I do mean loud, in a high-pitched, baby-talk kind of way. Her end of the conversation went roughly like this:

"Oh, that kiss knocked me right down!"
"Oh, that kiss knocked me right across the store!"
"Oh, that kiss knocked me right on my tushie!"

After twelve or thirteen more of these outbursts, I was fantasizing about knocking something on its tushie with something more substantial than a kiss, but I managed to keep from screaming by reminding myself that at least it was a conversation between two people who seemed to like each other a lot. I'm sure it was her grandchild on the other end. Or maybe it was her stockbroker. In truth, I didn't really want to know.

Anyway, starting a few hours later, we had a great time at Tammi and David's wedding. It was extremely informal and friendly. The bridal party was decked out in aloha-wear (orange for the groom, blue for the attendants), and there was lots of beer, roast pork with fixings, and karaoke afterwards. I'm waiting to see the photos. I think they're going to be funny enough to knock us all on our tushies, figuratively speaking, of course.